Fyne Pioneer, Loch Fyne

Site Name: Ovington - Clyde


Ovington was an iron steamship of 444nt, dimensions 187’ x 28’ x 14’. She was built by Osbourne and Graham, Sunderland, and launched in 1973. Her captin was William Gorley and she had a crew of 12.



The Ovington sailed from Glasgow for Hamburg at 9pm on 28th December 1889 with a general cargo mainly of charcoal and ammonia. She was forced to stop and await clearer conditions due to fog, slowing down and preparing to drop anchor with all lights burning. Whilst stationary, she was hit by the 1500 SS Queen Victoria, tearing a huge hole between bridge and forecastle. A huge explosion littered the sea with debris and she sank within 5 minutes of the collision. 5 members of her crew were lost when she sank. The other 7 had been able to jump across to the SS Queen Victoria immediately following the collision when the ships were held together.


Dive Site Info

The wreck of the Ovington lies upright south west of Toward Point in 32-35 metres. She is not often dived. The hull is largely intact, although her port side is starting to collapse now. The hardwood decking has rotted away, leaving the main supporting deck beams exposed. The deck beams towards the stern have collapsed. The most interesting section is the mid section where lots of stores etc can be found. The bridge, engine room and galley can be accessed with caution.


 Care must be taken on this site due to being close to a ferry lane. Other hazards are the depth, darkness, and the deteriorating structure of the wreck.




When to dive

At certain states of the tide the wreck can be exposed to currents. This site is also quite exposed to swell.