Fyne Pioneer, Loch Fyne

Site Name: Briton - Kintyre Peninsula


This steel steam barge foundered in 1931 after a collision with a trawler. She was carrying a cargo of limestone, which can still be seen in the large central hold. She was a typical puffer with a compound engine, single shaft and one screw. Her dimensions were 20.2m x 5.5m. 68 tons. 

Dive Site Info

The SS Briton lies in around 50m North East of Sanda Island. She lies with bows facing SE on a gently sloping muddy seabed which drops away to the NW. The original wooden superstructure is missing from on top of the engine casing to the rear. The wreck is carpeted in plumose anemones and soft corals due to the tidal flow. 

When to dive

Slack water only