Fyne Pioneer, Loch Fyne

Site Name: The Gardens - Loch Fyne

Dive Site Info

The Gardens are situated on the east side of the Loch, where a rocky pinnacle rises up to near the surface. The site is called The Gardens due to the colonies of huge plumose anemones growing here. 


The top of the reef is at around 15m. The reef starts as rock covered in brittlestars, before sand chutes lead the way over the edge of the reef and the slope drops steeply down to 30m. The slope slackens off into a sandy seabed which slopes down gently. Squat lobsters and edible crabs are present in every crevice of the rocky reef, and scallops are abundant on the sandy bottom. Stunning green devonshire cup corals decorate the rock. At 18m, a dense covering of dead men's fingers covers the wall before being displaced by colonies of massive plumose anemones. They are easily half a metre tall, vast pillars of orange and white creating a blanket over the top of the reef where the nutrient rich water hits the pinnacle. Schools of small pollack dart between the huge anemones, and sheltering in the forest were big old edible crabs, butterfish and the aggressive velvet-backed swimming crabs, whose red eyes glared from their cover as they tried to make their escape. 


Visibility is generally between 5-10 metres. The water is dark below 30 metres.




When to dive

Can be dived at any state of the tide.