Fyne Pioneer, Loch Fyne

Site Name: Calve Island North - Sound of Mull

Dive Site Info

Calve Island is a stunning scenic wall. Divers drop in onto a kelp bed down to 15 metres. This kelp is host to many kinds of stunning nudibranchs including acanthodoris pilosa and crystal sea slugs. Below this, the dramatic vertical cliff falls away below this to a maximum depth of 50 metres. Divers can pick their depth and swim along the wall being carried around the corners and buttresses by a slight drift. Sea life includes leopard spotted goby, cuckoo wrasse, soft corals, dahlia anemone, hydroids, diazona, sea squirts including parallelograma, corella and ascidia mentula and devonshire cup coral. Those who venture slightly deeper will be rewarded by the sight of an expanse of peacock worms below them with their delicate filters out to catch passing delicacies. This is a truly outstanding scenic dive which should be in every diver's log book.




When to dive

An excellent dive at any state of the tide.

Calve Island North - Sound of Mull - Fyne Pioneer

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Two divers on Calve Island Wall, September 2014.