Fyne Pioneer, Loch Fyne

Site Name: Bogha Mor - Cape Wrath

Dive Site Info

Bogha Mor is a skerry a few hundred metres off the south west tip of Handa Island. The exposed reef is frequently too rough to dive due to the Atlantic swell from the north west which crashes over the breaking rocks. The swell has little effect on the dive itself once divers have got safely into the water and descended below about 7m.

Descend past the kelp through the crystal clear water and down a wall to 15m covered in sagartia anemones (Sagartia elegans) and various yellow and grey sponges. This drops down into a large rocky bowl at 25m full of ballan wrasse and pollack. straight in frot of me was a 10m high vertical wall full of horizontal cracks, plastered in dead man's fingers and interspersed with huge crayfish. This took a 90 degree turn into a sheer sided canyon with the faces thickly covered in jewel anemones glittering in the sunlight. A colony of seals lives on the reef and may come and play if you are lucky.


This dive provides a garden of colour, dramatic scenery, lots of fish and the surface clearly visible from 25m.  The life encrusted walls and stepped gullies continue beyond the 30m mark. With crayfish and lobsters in abundance and a veritable nudibranch city on the kelp, there is something for everyone.


Maximum depth 35 metres.

When to dive

Can only be dived in very still conditions.

Bogha Mor - Cape Wrath - Fyne Pioneer

© Gavin Anderson

Breathtakingly beautiful jewel anemones (Corynactis viridian) at Bogha Mor, July 2014.

Bogha Mor - Cape Wrath - Fyne Pioneer

© Simon Exley

A kaleidoscope of encrusting life on the reef at Bogha Mor, July 2014.